About the collector

I have always been a lover of the overlooked, unexpected aesthetic experience.

I am an artist and draftswoman, and my drawings often adopt the vocabulary of informational imagery: maps, diagrams, graphs, and scientific documentation. (See my work here.) I have always been attracted to images that are generated for functional, rather than poetic, reasons.

It’s no surprise, then, when I spontaneously started collecting security envelopes last year. Since then, I’ve baffled friends and family by picking up mail in their homes and asking “can I have this?”

As a web developer, it was a natural choice to craft a site where this collection could live online and be shared. Apparently, and strangely, this little site occupies that small section of overlap in the Venn diagram between my usually distinct efforts as an artist, web designer, and compulsive collector.

This, for better or for worse, is me.